The best guide to playing french roulette

Most people know roulette as a game that comes in two main variants: American and European.Depending on what country you live in, one of these games will dominate while the other version is either hard to find or has never been heard of. However, with online roulette it is a completely different story, both variants are readily available to players.

Some more info for online casinos (not only French) even have a third version of this popular game, known as French Roulette. In many ways it is the same as the European one, it has very similar rules and has the same payouts.

French Roulette – How to play?

With each spin you will be able to place bets anywhere on the board. There are many different bets that differ of course in the odds.

French roulette – Rules

Of course, there are also safer bets. You can bet on a dozen (12 numbers) at the odds of 2-1, or choose even / odd or red / black for the bet. These options are outside the system and are also known as “outside” bets.

If there is a minimum table limit, any outside bets must be at least the minimum limit amount; Inside bets, however, can be smaller as long as the sum of your bets meets the minimum requirements.

The French version of the table often includes extensive layout options, also known as French bets. These traditional bets don’t have any special advantages or disadvantages, but they add some color to the game and allow you to cover certain segments on the wheel.

Why is French roulette so popular?

French roulette is a variant available at many online casinos. Playing roulette you will experience amazing emotions that perfectly reflect the atmosphere of a land-based casino. Here you will find excitement, lots of entertainment and lots of chances to win.

All these elements have made roulette one of the most interesting and favorite casino games ever. The French edition has all the options you can think of and more importantly the house edge in this variation is the lowest.